Promote Your Company

Corporate Balloons


The utilization of a hot air balloon for advertising is a powerful and innovative promotional tool. A Corporate Hot Air Balloon Program not only cements your company’s place in the local community but also advertises to a highly receptive and attentive audience.


Product Impact/Visibility

The use of a hot air balloon creates a unique excitement, providing for a longer and more intense span of attention from your target market. A hot air balloon can be used in traditional ad campaigns, to create new energy for product promotion and brand visibility.

Employee Identification

Employee involvement in a hot air balloon program will create a feeling of unity and reassure the employee's importance in the corporate/brand structure. With this involvement comes a great sense of pride, loyalty, and increased productivity.

Client Entertainment & Promotion

The use of a hot air balloon program is sure to improve and reinforce current business relations with customers, as well as create new potential customers. It is especially useful as a breathtaking backdrop for client events or corporate parties.

Public Relations

Imagine the possibilities! Your corporate balloon could appear over major sporting events or offer rides at festivals around the country as an unmatched “attention getter”. Or even community awareness projects your company currently supports. Having your hot air balloon at these events will visually emphasize your continued support.

Major Balloon Events

There are hundreds of hot air balloon events held annually worldwide. These events present a great opportunity to distribute sample products or promotions items to a captive and receptive audience.

Other Events

Hot air balloons could be used at race tracks, sporting events, state fairs, college events, civic functions, grand openings, beach events, special events and holiday celebrations. The benefit of a hot air balloon at any of these events, or a multitude of others, is that the people become your private marketing audience.


There is usually a sponsorship cost for the balloon to participate in certain events, the cost will vary from $250.00 and up per event that is paid to the event.


Items that will compliment the balloon are Balloon Lapel Pins, T-shirts, Hot Air Trading Cards, stickers and many other items that are an inexpensive must.

Measured Effectiveness
The balloon program can be measured through consumer feedback, redeemable promotions, and other ways of evaluation. If featured at an event, you can measure effectiveness through media promotion, passengers flown, number of spectators, and any other facts pertinent to your program's effectiveness. Generally, the cost per impression is less than $0.01; a fraction of the cost of a regional or national media campaign, with the exposure being received by your target market in a positive forum.